Letters from Irish Australia: 1825-1925

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    Reprinted 2017
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    Ulster Historical Foundation and New South Wales University Press
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Reading other people's mail, as this book enables the reader to do - with sensitive and incisive commentary and linkage designed to focus and illuminate the materials - is to enter the Irish migrant experience with an intimacy whose intensity is particularly human and moving.

These letters, ranging from those of convicts writing to their wives in the 1820's through accounts of the voyage out, and pioneering life in mid-century, through love letters, to stories of success and failure to master the land, to the remarkable family saga (1883-1929) which ends the book, bring their writers alive again.

The immigrant Irish, distinctive independent and colourful, have had a profound and sometimes spectacular impact on the history and character of Australia, but this book goes beyond the sometimes superficial and public manifestations of Irishness in Australia. It shows through the lives of the ordinary Irish - Anglo-Irish, Ulster Protestant Irish, and Catholics from both South and North - the extraordinary complexity and diversity of the Irish influx, and the way it interacted, at the ordinary day-to-day level, with its new Australian environment.

Patrick O'Farrell

Patrick O'Farrell was a historian known for his histories of Roman Catholicism in Australia, Irish history and Irish Australian history.

He was born into an Irish Catholic family in Greymouth, New Zealand, and was educated at the Marist Brothers High School, Greymouth, and at the University of Canterbury, where he received both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in History.

Having moved to Australia in 1956, he received a PhD from the Australian National University. He was Professor of History at the University of New South Wales from 1972 till his retirement in 1990, thereafter Emeritus Professor.

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