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Irish Historical Studies, founded in 1938, is the joint journal of the Irish Historical Society and the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies. It publishes articles embodying original research on Irish history; articles on the scope and teaching of Irish history; select documents, with editorial comment; select and critical bibliographies and guides to sources, manuscript and printed; annual lists of theses on Irish history completed and in progress in Irish universities; and reviews of books and periodicals having a bearing on Irish history.

The articles included in this volume are:

  • 'Questioning the (bad) question: "Was Ireland a colony?"' by Stephen Howe
  • 'Marx on nineteenth-century colonial Ireland: analysing colonialism as a dynamic social process' by Eamonn Slater and Terrence McDonough
  • 'The "Irish" policeman and the Empire: Influencing the policing of the British-Empire-Commonwealth' by Georgina Sinclair
  • 'James Craig: Chamberlainite imperialist, 1903-14' by T. P. Daly
  • 'The captive dominion: Impreial realities behind Irish diplomacy, 1922-49' by Donal Lowry
  • 'Northern Ireland and the Biritish Empire-Commonwealth, 1923-61' by Philip Ollerenshaw
  • 'The road to Asia, and the Grafton Hotel, Dublin: Ireland in the "British world"' by Keith Jeffrey
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