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The Plantation of Ulster in the early seventeenth century was an episode of critical importance in the history of Ireland, the legacy of which is still apparent today.

For anyone interested in the Ulster Plantation and indeed in 17th century Ireland the following book collection offers some of the most influential writings on the period and provides comprehensive insight into this seminal event in Irish history.

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Philip S. Robinson

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R. J. Hunter

Robert John (Bob) Hunter was born in rural Meath in 1938 and was educated atWesleyCollegeandTrinityCollege,Dublin. After graduation in 1960, he began research on the Ulster Plantation in the counties ofArmaghand Cavan, 1608-41. This interest in thePlantation, and early modern Irish history generally, was to dominate his life.

In 1963 he was appointed Assistant Lecturer in History atMageeCollege, thus beginning an association with the city ofDerrythat was to continue for the rest of his life. The creation of what was to become theUniversityofUlsteralso saw him teaching regularly in Coleraine.

Through his meticulous research, he developed an encyclopedia knowledge of his subject, traversing such themes as the development of towns, the role of the English planters, the history of trade and migration and the intellectual and cultural life ofUlstermore generally.

Though his untimely death in 2007 was to cut short his ambitions for further writing, he was nevertheless to leave behind more than thirty articles, essays, reviews, etc., which were the result of painstaking study conducted with a careful eye for detail and relevance.

William Kelly

William Kelly is Research Projects Co-ordinator with the Institute of Ulster-Scots Studies, University of Ulster.

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