Familia 2015 (No. 31)


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    Ulster Historical Foundation
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Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review is the journal of Ulster Historical Foundation's membership association (an historical research co-operative, known as the Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild). Each year, in December, members receive Familia and a directory of their research interests, entitled Directory of Irish Family History Research. Non-members can purchase copies of these books.

Since 1985, Familia has set a consistently high standard of balanced articles of wider historical and biographical importance, and providing all-important practical advice on sources for Irish family and local history in the nine-county province of Ulster.

List of Articles for 2015 edition;

'"Every Picture tells a story': An Irish photographer and his times' by Brenda Collins

'John Ward, 1832-1912: Belfast entrepreneur, artist, writer, collector and Egyptologist' by Roger Dixon

'The Irish Aztecs project' by Jeff Kildea

'The growth of a city: The Belfast Corporation and Council archive in PRONI' by Ian Montgomery

'Dead as a dodo on the island of Mauritius: the fate of a racehorse called 'Faugh-a-Ballagh' by Sean Donnelly

'From twopence coloured to penny plain: The legacy of the Ulster plantation in the historical novels of John Heron Lepper, 1878-1952' by Patrick Maume

'The migratory path of eighteenth-century Ulster Nonconformists: Quaker John Starr  of Antrim, Cavan and Pennsylvania' by Steven Morrison

"'Roaring Hugh": Rev. Hugh Hanna (1821-92) and his family' by Janice Holmes

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