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This article contains book reviews of the latest genealogical and historical publications, carried out by some of the foremost experts in the academic and historical community.

Titles reviewed are:

The Morpeth Roll: Ireland Identified in 1841, by Christopher Ridgway (editor)

A Twisted Root: Ancestral Entanglements in Ireland, by Patricia Craig

The Linen Houses of County Antrim & North County Down: The Story of their families, by Kathleen Rankin

'A Guest is a Gift from God’: Travels in Georgia, by Conor McKeever

The Wreck of the ‘Neva’: The horrifying fate of a convict ship and the Irish women aboard board, by Cal McCarthy & Kevin Todd (editors)

Scotland and the Ulster Plantations: Explorations in the British Settlements of Stuart Ireland, by William P. Kelly & John R. Young (editors)

Military Aviation in Northern Ireland: An Illustrated History – 1913 to the Present Day, by Guy Warner & Ernie Cromie

The Ulster Covenant: An Illustrated History of the 1912 Home Rule Crisis, by Gordon Lucy

The Minutes of the Antrim Ministers’ Meeting, 1654–8, by Mark S. Sweetnam (editor)

Science, politics and society in early nineteenth-century Ireland: The Reverend William Richardson, by Allan Blackstock

Review Article: Revisiting Belfast

Belfast the Emerging City, by Olwen Purdue (editor)

Review Article: The Plantation of Ulster

The Plantation of Ulster: Ideology and practice, by Monn O'Ciarda & Micheal O'Siochru (editors)

The Ulster Plantation in the Counties of Armagh and Cavan, 1608–1641, by R.J. Hunter (foreword by David Edwards)

Ulster Transformed: Essays on Plantation and Print Culture, c. 1590–1641, by R.J. Hunter (edited by John Morrill)

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