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This article contains book reviews of the latest genealogical and historical publications, carried out by some of the foremost experts in the academic and historical community.

Titles reviewed are:

The Ballymoney Northern Herald and Ulster General Advertiser – Births, Marriages and Deaths 1860 – 1863, by The Coleraine Branch Of The North of Ireland Family History Society

The Coleraine Chronicle – Births, Marriages and deaths, 1844–69, by The Coleraine Branch Of The North Of Ireland Family History Society

1798: A Bicentenary Perspective, by Thomas Bartlett, David Dickson, Daire Keogh & Kevin Whelan (Editors)

The European Linen Industry in Historical Perspective, by Brenda Collins & Philip Ollerenshaw (editors)

Royal Roots, Republican Inheritance: The Survival of the Office of Arms, by Susan Hood

Portavo, Part 1: Earliest times to 1844, by Peter Carr

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