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The domestic linen industry left an indelible imprint on Ulster history. It was introduced by colonists from the north of England in the seventeenth century, before the arrival of the Huguenots, and encouraged by the landlords to improve their rentals.

Earnings from raising flax, spinning yarn and weaving cloth, provided farming families with regular incomes that enabled them to lease small farms and improve marginal land. Continual improvements by Ulster bleachers in the finishing of linens secured for them control of the industry, focusing its development.

Exports to Britain first through Dublin and then direct to Liverpool and London, created a merchant class and underpinned the development of Belfast and the provincial market towns. By 1800 Ulster was reckoned to be the most prosperous province in Ireland. It was also the most densely peopled with a population of two million in 1821, almost equal to that of Scotland.

W. H. Crawford

W.H. Crawford was the archivist with special responsibility for education at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and subsequently Keeper of Material Culture at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. He retired as Development Officer for the Federation for Ulster Local Studies. As an honorary research fellow at the Institute of Irish   Studiesin Queen'€™s University Belfast, he lectured on the regional and local history of Ulster for which he had been awarded a PhD. in 1983. He has pioneered research in the creation and evolution of estates, towns and markets and fairs inUlster; relations between landlords and tenants on these estates from c. 1600 to 1820; and the development of the linen inUlster. His archival and museum experience is reflected in several case studies social life in Ireland.


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