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The Irish Friend, 1837-1842: Excerpts from the pioneer Quaker newspaper

Selected for secular and philanthropic rather than devotional content, and for Irish resonance, this colourful mix of articles, poems, advertisements, curiosities and contemporary illustrations from the Irish Friend is enhanced by contributions from or about such figures as Daniel O’Connell, Elizabeth Fry, Thomas Hodgkin, Mungo Park and John Bright.

On everything from aborigines to rabies, from the founding days of the Friends Provident to mixed marriages, it makes for a fascinating late-Georgian ‘scrapbook’ into which historians, students, thinkers – and the plain reader – will find themselves dipping again and again.

Them Wild Woods: The Transatlantic Letters of An Irish Quaker Family, 1818-1877

That emigration tore Irish families apart is a given, but rarely is the separation chronicled across three generations.

These hitherto unpublished letters describe the life of an Ulster Quaker shop-keeping family whose daughter married and emigrated in 1818. They bring out the fears of parents who will never see their child again and the preoccupations of sisters and brothers who remained behind, caring for the parents and themselves hoping just as much for material success, romance and marriage, as well as for spiritual fulfilment.

They reveal along the way the situation of Irish Friends in the first half of the nineteenth century, and the difficulties of making one's way, whether in unsettled Tyrone or settler upstate New York.

Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson was educated at Cambell College,Belfast and Trinity College,Dublin, Bill Jackson retired in 1999 from a career in Oxfam, the Irish public service and the United Nations.

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