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Cregnadovesky, Rock of the Black Water is the result of years of hard work by local resident and historian, Peadar Montague. He has painstakingly brought together, in a most readable form, a huge amount of historical information about the townland and its inhabitants from the 1860s to the 1960s.

The book reveals how the townland was divided into 55 areas described as tenancies or holdings and that in the 1860s it and most of the land in the wider district of Termonmaguirc was owned by Sir John Stewart – 27,000 acres involving almost 1,000 tenants.

It outlines the difficulty people had in paying their rent and the long struggle for land purchase reform from the 19th century up to the Irish Land Act of 1925, which enabled tenants to purchase their land.

Mr Montague details the tenants of many of the holdings including family trees and the text is well supplemented by pictures of many of the families. He illustrates the close links between the area and families whose members moved to England and America for employment.

His book also details many features of Cregnadovesky including its Catholic Parish Church, the Priests’ Graveyard, the new and old Parochial Houses, the Mass Rock, the Dolmen beside the Catholic Church, the Chambered Cairn beside Lough Mallon and a sweathouse.

It will tug the heartstrings of all those who have their roots in Tyrone and particularly the townland of Cregnadovesky, near Carrickmore, in the parish of Termonmaguirc.

Peadar Montague

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