Plantation – Aspects of seventeenth-century Ulster society

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    Brendan Scott and John Dooher
  • Publication Date
    16 December 2013
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    Ulster Historical Foundation and Ulster Local History Trust
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    234mm x 155mm
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Plantation - Aspects of seventeenth-century Ulster society. 

The plantation of Ulster in the early seventeenth century was an episode of critical importance in the history of Ireland, the legacy of which is still apparent today. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, this collection of essays, arising from two conferences organised by the Ulster Local History Trust in 2008 and 2010, explores a number of themes relating to the plantation.

The essays in Plantation – Aspects of seventeenth-century Ulster Society, range from overviews to case studies of particular areas, individuals or groups. Sources that are essential to a better understanding of the immense social, economic, demographic and political changes brought about by the plantation are highlighted, while the experiences of the Irish, English and Scots are all brought into view and analysed from different perspectives. Edited by Brendan Scott and John Dooher expert contributors to the book include Dr Patrick Fitzgerald and Dr William Roulston

The conclusions in this important collection of essays challenge some preconceived notions and offer fresh thinking on aspects of this period. This accessible, scholarly and competitively priced collection does much to further our understanding of the Ulster Plantation.

Plantation - Aspects of seventeenth-century Ulster Society is edited by Brendan Scott and John Dooher and contains essays from a number of respected authorities on the Plantation of Ulster including Patrick Fitzgerald, William Roulston and Raymond Gillespie


Brendan Scott

Brendan Scott (Ph.D.) has written and edited a number of books and articles on religion and society in early modern Ireland, including Religion and reformation in the Tudor diocese of Meath (2006), Cavan 1609–53: plantation, war and religion (2007) and most recently prepared for publication Robert Hunter’s edition of The Ulster Port Books, 1612–15 (2012). He has lectured at NUI Maynooth and was research officer at Cavan County Museum, 2006–09.

John Dooher

John Dooher is the vice chairman of The Strabane History Society.

The Strabane History Society was founded in December 1989 by a group of local school teachers to further the interest and knowledge of the history of the area. The group widened the circle of interest to include the general public as it was felt that a vast wealth of local expertise and interest in the community.

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