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"The title of my lecture is based on a talk given by my former teacher, Estyn Evans, in 1971 and reprinted a few years ago by Lilliput Press. In using it I pay tribute to the man who, more than any other, made me realise that we who live in this island do indeed possess a common ground, an inheritance we share irrespective of creed, political allegiance or ethnic origin.

It is this common ground which I will explore in what follows; because I believe recognition that it exists can make an important contribution to building a more secure and stable society in the future.

Such recognition comes slowly in a community as divided as ours, but it is one area in which we who are teachers can influence public opinion, by disseminating more effectively the findings of modern scholarship among the children and students we teach, and among the adults who in increasing numbers, participate in further education.

It is a theme which I am sure would have been approved by Dr Rogers, in whose honour and to whose memory this lecture series is dedicated. It would have been familiar to him, for similar views were expressed nearly twenty years ago by a distinguished former member of the staff of this College, Mr Jack Magee."

This article examines explores the common ground between people in Ulster, and how that can make an important contribution to building the future.

Professor R. H. Buchanan

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