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Tracing your Galway Ancestors is a comprehensive guide to tracing families in the City and County of Galway.

Galway county is home to a widely diverse population of peoples whose culture and history has been shaped by the barren landscapes of its Western seaboard, or the rich farmlands at its Eastern end. In the centre is the historic city of Galway, an ancient trading port and home to the 14 '€˜Tribes'€™ whose story is central to that of the county. Many of its people have emigrated, particularly in the aftermath of the Great Famine. Its population dwindled from 441,810 in 1841 to 214,712 in 1891. Genealogical records are also diverse, varying from sparse in the Western areas to extensive for some of the inhabitants of Galway city.

This book sets out the records available to the family history researcher, where they can be obtained and how to use each to best effect.

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