The History of Palace Barracks (to 1969) and Holywood as a Garrison Town

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This richly-illustrated book tells the fascinating story of Palace Barracks from the 1890s through to the start of the Troubles. It also brings out the lasting relationships between the residents of Holywood - a garrison town - and the soldiers who have been stationed in the Barracks.

The Barracks were built in the grounds of a former Bishop’s palatial residence, from which the name comes. From their completion in 1897 through to 1969, 25 different Regiments have been stationed at Holywood, during peace-time years alone. This book draws on Regimental Journals, soldiers’ own records, contemporary newspaper and magazine articles, and Holywood residents’ recollections, to provide the first ever comprehensive history of Palace Barracks.

The story is vividly told, using many original sources, and over 250 images, to bring the history to life.

The book will appeal equally to those with an interest in military history and to those who want to know more about the development of Holywood and its role as a garrison town. The book also sheds light on the role of Regiments at Palace Barracks in the context of contemporary events, such as sectarian attacks in Belfast, and Winston Churchill’s visit to the city in 1912.

This is the latest book in Robin Masefield’s trilogy of North Down local history – he has previously published ‘Twixt Bay and Burn, a History of Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn’, and ‘Be Careful, Don’t Rush, Celebrating 150 Years of Train Travel between Holywood and Bangor’.

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