Reflections on Cappagh “Within the Sound of the Bell” (Second Edition 2015)

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    Cappagh Historical Society
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    978 1 907530 46 3
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    242mm x 168mm
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The Parish of Cappagh is situated to the north of Omagh. The Parish has an ancient history as evidence by its 9th Century bell and its medieval church. The members of Cappagh Historical Society are closely rooted to its soil and in this book the ancient and more recent past is brought to life.

"This volume is broad-ranging and covers topics often neglected in local historical writings, such as the importance of musical traditions and pastimes. Such explorations reveal other aspects of the character of a district, contributing to an overall understanding of its distinctiveness and diversity, and the compilers of this work are to be commended for introducing these subjects to this publication."

-Dr. William J. Roulston - Ulster Historical foundation

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