Old Families of Carrickfergus and Ballynure (Gravestone Inscriptions)

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    R. S. J. Clarke
  • Publication Date
    Reprint 2016
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    Ulster Historical Foundation
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    243mm x 153mm
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Carrickfergus Castle has been well-known for many years, but the history of the town and its families deserves closer study. St Nicholas’ church has the magnificent Chichester monument and was the burial place for most of his family down the ages.

However, other names such as Burleigh, Clements, Craig, Davys, Dobbs and Gardner, to name but a few, have played their part in town history and are commemorated in church and graveyard.

Headstones in the many small graveyards of Carrickfergus have also been recorded, though concentrating on the pre-1900 period. Of great interest too is the large graveyard at Ballynure, which is so strong in the farming families of east Antrim – Boyd, Hill, Logan, Wilson, etc, etc (some with striking coats of arms). This book therefore, with its inscriptions, records of wills and biographical notes, and guide to sources for the area, is a valuable source for genealogical research and local history studies in this historic part of county Antrim.

R. S. J. Clarke

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