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This short book is intended to serve as a practical guide to Gaelic language sources (as opposed to administrative or ecclesiastical records in Latin, French, or English) for the history of these communities in the high Middle Ages, laying emphasis on published texts for which English translations are available. Under six headings (annals, genealogies, poems, prose tracts and sagas, legal material, colophons and marginalia), it discusses not only the nature of the sources themselves, the purpose for which they were originally created, and their survival and availability to researchers, but also how to glean usable historical information from them

Katharine Simms

Katharine Simms is a senior lecturer in medieval history in the School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin. She is the author of From kings to warlords: the changing political structure of Gaelic Ireland in the later Middle Ages, and numerous articles on the politics and society of the medieval Gaelic lord-ships.

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