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In the issue of December 15, 1956, The Meath Chronicle introduced "The Parish History of Meath" with these words, "Mrs Maighread Ui Chonmidhe N.T. Moattown Kildalkey (secretary of the Meath Archaeological and History Society) has very kindly prepared a series of articles on Meath History which will appear week by week . . . She is a very modest lady, and we claim for her what she deprecates—the scholarship and assiduity which goes with it, on this subject, wide as it is." Here is a collection of these articles. Margaret Conway was the Secretary of Meath Archaeological and History Society between 1937 and 1962. She was a well-known figure, who is remembered fondly among Meath natives. Few counties in Ireland could compete with County Meath in terms of historical wealth and diversity. Beginning with the construction of the enigmatic monuments in the Boyne Valley, Conway's charming and well-researched articles leads us through to the 20th century, incorporating much of the myth and folklore of the county along with its history.

Margaret Conway

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