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    Belfast Bohemian Productions
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    190mm x 135mm
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Product Description

Lesser Known Belfast exposes Belfast's hidden and sometimes surprising history. Unearthing some unfamiliar history on topics such as; attempted murders on Royalty, secret societies, ancient landmarks and more are to be found in this unique and interesting film.

Previously found behind the camera, film maker James Rea Jr moves in front of the lens for the first time, to present this fascinating DVD. James said "I want this film to excite the minds of all ages and backgrounds because our past is not as black & white as some of the history books may say.”

Produced by local company Belfast Bohemian Productions, this DVD is a must for not only for history buffs, but also anyone who wants to know more about Belfast's unusual and lesser known past.

James Rea Jr

James Rea Jr is a local​ film-maker who established his company Belfast Bohemian Productions in 2009. His career began with the release of​ local history film 'Belfast Birth Of A City'.

Since then James has branched out into other area's including; Music Videos, Promotional Video, Web Design, Sound Capture, Voice Talent and Graphic Design.

James's latest film 'Lesser Known Belfast' is available now.

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