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A Brief history of Knock, Belmont & Strandtown and the people who lived there.

If asked to produce a list of notable people from history, our personal stores of knowledge are all too often blighted by long sightedness – we can name those who lived far away, but have only the haziest notion of people of note who at one time lived in our own neighbourhood.In this volume Keith Haines seeks to rectify this situation for that corner of Belfast centred on the districts of Knock, Belmont and Strandtown.

Beginning with a short history of the area from medieval times to the early 20th century, Keith then lays before us a remarkable range of characters who at one time or another have lived in the area.From writer C S Lewis to industrialist Sir Edward Harland to radio engineer Eric Megaw, supported by a panoply of intriguing characters too many to mention, this book will make you realise that, more often than not, the most rewarding place to look for history is right on your doorstep.

Keith Heynes

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