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Patriots, Pioneers and Presidents: Stories of the Scotch-Irish

OVER THE CENTURIES, many hundreds of thousands of Ulster-Scots (also known as the Scotch-Irish or Scots-Irish) have left these shores.

Today, thousands of people return to this island every year in search of their Ulster-Scots roots. This pocket history tells the stories of a number of Ulster-Scots individuals and families in America and the great diversity of their experiences. Inside you will find information on places in Ulster that you can visit and discover at first hand the stories of some of those who left these shores to begin a new life on the other side of the Atlantic.

The Scots in Ulster Surname Map & Pocket History

Many people have emigrated from Scotland over the centuries. Some came directly to America, but others first emigrated to Ulster.

The Scots in Ulster Surname Map & Pocket History is also a beautiful fold out map that will introduce you to the Ulster Scots story and tell you how some of them later became Scotch-Irish and Scots-Irish. It includes a list of surnames of the first Scottish settlers in Ulster and shows some of the buildings that they established.

The Charter Towns of Ulster 400: 1613-2013

The Charter Towns of Ulster 400, 1613-2013 is an attractive fold out pocket history. The format is similar to that of our Plantation of Ulster Maps.

Twenty towns in Ulster were incorporated in the period 1610-13 and the booklet explains the historical context and background to the granting of Charter status. Fifteen sections cover subjects including Towns in the Early Modern Period, Towns in Ulster Before The Plantation, The Membership of the Corporations and The Urban Economy. A map of Ulster details the location of those towns proposed but not incorporated, those incorporated by 1613 and those incorporated by 1613.

The Plantation of Ulster: The Story of the Scots

In the early seventeenth century 20-30,000 Scots crossed the North Channel into Ireland. Together they formed part of one of the most significant movements of people in these islands. Many came to the settlements in north-east County Down encouraged by two Ayrshire Scots Sir James Hamilton and Sir Hugh Montgomery from 1606 onwards. Others settled in County Antrim on the lands of the MacDonnells and others.

The official Plantation that affected counties Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone was different for here - settlement was not the result of private endeavour, but rather was part of a government-directed scheme of colonisation. This was Scotland's first, and ultimately most successful, project of colonisation beyond its shores. The Plantation of Ulster 1610-1630 Map & Pocket Guide tells this story.

The Plantation of Ulster: The Story of the English

This map is a companion to the 'The Plantation of Ulster: The Story of the Scots' and considers the involvement of the English in the Plantation. It comprises a pocket history of the English engagement in Plantation Ulster with a map of key sites and places to visit to discover at first hand the legacy of English planters in Ulster in the early 1600s.

It focuses on a number of Robert's key research interests - the English undertakers and servitors, the establishment of corporate towns, and trade and commerce, as well as other aspects of the English engagement with Ulster in the early 1600s.

The Story of the Presbyterians in Ulster – Folding Map and Pocket History

For four centuries Presbyterians have represented one of the most important elements in the population of Ireland. Their influence has been strongest in the history of the northern province of Ulster where for over 300 years they have constituted a majority of the Protestant population. The origins of the Presbyterian churches in Ireland can be traced to Scotland and to the successive waves of immigration of Scottish families to this island in the 1600s.

This folding map/pocket history looks at the story of Ulster's Presbyterians, highlighting the emergence of the historic Presbyterian denominations, the role of Presbyterians in the 1798 Rebellion and the formation of Northern Ireland, and the contribution of Presbyterians to education and the mission field. It also includes information on 30 sites where you can discover at first hand the richly textured history of Presbyterianism in Ulster. The publishers are the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland and the Ulster Historical Foundation with sponsorship provided by MAGUS.

The Plantation of Ulster: The Story of the Irish

The Ulster Plantation of the early 17th century is widely accepted as a period of critical importance in the shaping of modern Ulster. Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation in association with the R. J. Hunter Committee, this map is a companion to The Plantation of Ulster: the story of the Scots and The Plantation of Ulster: the story of the English and considers the experience of the Irish in the Plantation. It comprises a pocket history with a series of biographical sketches and a map showing places of interest.



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