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To mark the publication of Our tangled speech we are offering an Irish language bundle. Get Our tangled speech: Essays on language and culture and Presbyterians and the Irish Language for just £23.99 (RRP £29.98).

Our tangled speech: Essays on language and culture

Our tangled speech: Essays on language and culture written by Aodán Mac Póilin, director of the ULTACH trust (1990-2014), provides a compelling and fascinating account of historical attitudes towards the Irish language and examines the complexities of linguistic and cultural identity on the island of Ireland.

By examining the successes and failures of the Irish language revival Our tangled speech offers a comprehensive, insightful and thought-provoking look at the complex relationship between language and identity.

Presbyterians and the Irish Language

Presbyterians and the Irish Language by Roger Blaney, originally published in 1996, is the first to establish the rightful place of the Irish language in the Presbyterian heritage in Ireland. It traces the Presbyterian Irish-speaking tradition from its early roots in Gaelic Scotland through the Plantation and Williamite War periods to its successive revivals in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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