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Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review is the journal of Ulster Historical Foundation's membership association (an historical research co-operative, known as the Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild). Each year, in December, members receive Familia and a directory of their research interests, entitled Directory of Irish Family History Research. Non-members can purchase copies of these books.

Since 1985, Familia has set a consistently high standard of balanced articles of wider historical and biographical importance, and providing all-important practical advice on sources for Irish family and local history in the nine-county province of Ulster.

List of Articles for 2014 edition;

'Major General Ross and the Burning of Washington' by W.A. Maguire

'The Brothers and Sisters of Oscar Wilde'by Sir Peter Froggatt

'The Laundry Workers: The Whitewell Hygenic Laundry, Dyeing and Finishing Works' by James Reid Baxter

'The Life and Death of "the Rambler from Clare": A Victorian Murder Mystery?' by Richard McMinn

'Aghadowey, Rev. James McGregor and the 1718 Emigration: Local causes, Local effects' by Linde Lunney

'Revisiting Glubbdubdrib: Paternal Ancestry and DNA' by David Ian Hamilton

'"Little Paddy" among the "Irish Giants": An Irish Piper in the 86th Royal County Down Regiment, 1833-5' by Sean Donnelly

Trevor Parkhill

Trevor Parkhill is editor of Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review and recently retired as Keeper of History, Ulster Museum, National Museums Northern Ireland.

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