Familia 1997 (No. 13)

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    Trevor Parkhill
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    Ulster Historical Foundation
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    215mm x 145mm
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Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review is the journal of Ulster Historical Foundation's membership association (an historical research co-operative, known as the Ulster Genealogical and Histgorical Guild). Each year, in December, members receive Familia and a directory of their research interests, entitled Directory of Irish Family History Research. Non-members can purchase copies of these books.

Since 1985, Familia has set a consistently high standard of balanced articles of wider historical and biographical importance, and providing all-important practical advice on sources for Irish family and local history in the nine-county province of Ulster.

Individual articles can be downloaded using the links below.

This volume contains:

- A United Irish Family: The McCabes of Belfast, by John McCabe

- Reflections on Family History: The Musings of an Irreverent Colonial, by Katharine L. Brown

- The Enigma of the Battle of Orra and the Fate of the MacQuillans, by Hector McDonnell

- A Century before the G. A. A.: Hurling in 18th Century New York, by Brian McGinn

- Irish Genealogical Research: Not Always at the Bottom of the Pile, by Brian Trainor

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