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The questions that drive us with family history research in Ireland are no different to those asked anywhere else in the world. We need to find the records that tell us who our ancestors were, when and where they lived, and how they related to others. In Ireland, however, many of the records necessary for the task have sadly been lost across time, of were woefully restrictive in how they were created in the first place.
Whilst some of the basic vital records do not survive, however, there are plenty of others that will compensate, in this guide book, Northern Ireland born family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the potential to be found within Irish land records.
Amongst documents of ownership and tenancy, valuation and tithes records, documents for inheritance, censuses, and many other resources, there are ancestral stories lying dormant and waiting to be found. In this guide, he demonstrates how to find them.

Chris Paton

Originally from Northern Ireland, but with both Scottish and Irish roots, Chris Paton holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Genealogical Studies and works as a professional genealogist, running the Scotland's Greatest Story research service. He is registered with the ICO as a data handler.

Chris Paton has tutored for the University of Strathclyde's Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme. He is also a published author of several book titles and is a regular contributor to several genealogy magazines, such as Your Family Tree, Family History Monthly, Family Tree magazine, Your Family History, Discover My Past Scotland, History Scotland and Irish Roots 

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