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Bangor in the Sixties offers anyone who grew up in Bangor, or who regularly visited the Co. Down seaside town during that decade, a chance to take a nostalgic trip back to a time which, hard though it may be to believe, is approaching half a century ago.

While many might be tempted to sum up Bangor's Sixties in terms of wall-to-wall sunshine in the summer and snow piled high in the winter, with Pickie Pool, pop music and mini-skirts thrown in for good measure, as the 36 contributors and several hundred rarely seen photographs demonstrate, there was so much more happening during a decade of immense change.

From idyllic Saturday evenings spent on the sea wall at Queen's Parade, to the reality of the Troubles and how they started to impact on Bangor, it's all here. And while the book is unashamedly about the author's own home town, the memories it offers will relate to many other places during the Sixties.

Terence Bowman

Terence Bowman, great-grandson of Alexander Bowman, was born in Bangor in 1957 and attended Bangor Grammar School. He is editor of the Mourne Observer in Newcastle, Co. Down, which he joined in 1976, having completed the National Council for the Training of Journalists' pre entry course at the Belfast College of Business Studies. In 1991 he edited and published Railway Memories, which told the recollections of former employees of the railways in Co. Down.

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