Ballymacarrett and the First World War: A sacrifice shared

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Ballymacarrett and the First World War: A Sacrifice Shared is the culmination of the effort and enthusiasm of local young people intent on discovering the shared past of their communities. It explores the shared sacrifice during the war of those in Ballymacarrett and the surrounding districts, told through the personal stories of individuals who served. It includes a list of those who died from the area as well as case-studies which explore in more depth the stories of a number of those who died.

The study seeks to show that it is possible for almost anyone to research a Great War ancestor, and demonstrates the commonality of suffering and the brutal reality that the slaughter impacted all sections of society, irrespective of community background. Ulster Historical Foundation worked with local groups on a programme to learn more about their First World War ancestors and others in the Ballymacarrett community who had served in the conflict. It involved talks and visits to a number of local historical sites and archives, from which the individuals used in this study were selected by the young people.

It is a worthy successor to the companion publication, Ballymena and the Great War and reflects the Foundation’s on-going commitment to community and educational outreach and to telling the story of all the people of Ulster.

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