A Narrow Sea – The Irish-Scottish Connection in 120 Episodes

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    October 2018
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    Gill Books
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    288 pages
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    234 x 156 mm
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The first history of the special relationship between Ireland and Scotland from acclaimed historian Jonathan Bardon, based on his BBC Radio series

Based on the popular BBC Ulster radio series of the same name, A Narrow Sea traces the epic sweep of Ireland’s relationship with Scotland, exploring the myriad connections, correlations, personalities and antagonisms that have, over the centuries, defined the relationship between these two spirited neighbours.

In 120 brief, episodic chapters, A Narrow Sea offers a stirring and panoramic view of a connection that has shaped the course of history. Roving freely across the centuries, from the first migrations of the regions’ paleolithic tribes and their encounters with Greek and Roman explorers, to the grand colonial projects of the Vikings, Normans and Stuarts, this is the story of how a shared culture laid the basis for two very different nations.

Jonathan Bardon

Jonathan Bardon was born in Dublin in 1941 but has lived and worked in Belfast since 1963. He is author of several books on Irish history, most notably A history of Ulster (1992) and, most recently, A history of Ireland in 250 episodes (2008) based on BBC Radio Ulster broadcasts. He has written radio and television historical documentaries for BBC, UTV, RTÉ and Channel 4. He was chairman of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council between 1996 and 2002 and was awarded the OBE for services to community life in 2003.

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