The Church of Ireland: an illustrated history

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    Dr Claude Costecalde & Prof Brian Walker
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    December 2013
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    280mm x 265mm
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Informed and inspired by the past, the Church of Ireland looks forward with confidence and eager expectation to the future.

This handsome and beautifully illustrated hardback book presents the rich heritage and history of the Church of Ireland (including a section on the early Irish church prior to the Reformation) in an attractive contemporary style that will appeal to every generation. It reveals at the same time the modern presence of the Church in every diocese in Ireland.

Dr Claude Costecalde and Professor Brian Walker are consultant editors of the book which comprises the work of over sixty historians, editors and photographers from all over Ireland with a diverse range of interests and approaches and of course an intimate knowledge of the Church of Ireland. Each tells the story of the Church in his or her own way. The variety of this material reflects the diversity within the Church itself. This volume achieves the remarkable task of covering every parish or union/group of parishes, with illustrations of over two thirds of all the churches.

The Church of Ireland: an illustrated history is a record of the past with an invitation to reflect on the life of the Church in the twenty-first century.



Brian Walker

Prof. Brian Walker is former lecturer at the School of Politics, Queen's University Belfast and respected author of a range of Irish history titles

Claude Costecalde

Dr Claude Costecalde is owner of Booklink and a widely respected publisher and author in Ireland and France.

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